I Love Mondays | Week 16

Last week’s  inspiration was a challenge.  And I mean challenge! There were a few who saidView full post »

My favourites of YOUR favourites :-)

I am completely thrilled and overwhelmed with the responses I had asking for YOUR favourite imagesView full post »

Piano Love | On Film

At the end of last year I photographed my favourite personal shoot to date! I did shoot mostly onView full post »

Week 14 | Featured Photos

Cats really are skilled at sourcing the warmest places possible – smart creatures they areView full post »

I Love Mondays | Week 15

I do have a rather extensive list of themes I have gathered that I am hoping to use over the courseView full post »

Week 13 | Featured Photos

This week’s theme seemed to provide a healthy challenge for many – but those thatView full post »

I Love Mondays | Week 14

The definition of warmth means different things to different people. Warmth can be a feeling. AView full post »

Strawberry Delight

After being teased and enticed by many others photos and stories of visiting the strawberry farm, IView full post »

Week 12 | Featured Photos

I love the variety of subjects that people chose for this weeks inspiration! And I feel that theyView full post »

I Love Mondays | Week 13

The inspiration for this week is one I’ve been wanting to do for AGES! And although it isView full post »

Canada….on film!!

Goodness…don’t die of shock.  Some 5 months after we have arrived home from CanadaView full post »

Week 11 | Featured Photos

The challenge was put out there….and it was met. Brilliantly! Love the incredible creativityView full post »

I Love Mondays | Week 12

Now that we’re delving into more challenging inspirations I thought we could keep up theView full post »

Infectious Girly Giggles

Our second shoot in Adelaide with my good friend from With Love and Lace Melanie. We took these inView full post »

Week 10 | Featured Photos

I’m not even sure where to start….there are SO many of you willing to be creative thatView full post »

I Love Mondays | Week 11

This week I want to REALLY challenge you all! None of the easy inspirations (though some of you mayView full post »

A Love Filled with Laughter

I am super excited to be sharing this 🙂 When John & Diny were nominated as a couple for one ofView full post »

Week 9 | Featured Photos

Enjoy another fabulous week of images (I STILL can’t just cull to 10!). All so bright. WeekView full post »

I Love Mondays | Week 10

We can’t live without it. We are surrounded by it. It is a necessity and often aView full post »

Bunny Loving

Two heads are better than one. True! My daughter and I were heading to Adelaide to visit my goodView full post »

Week 8 | Featured Photos

Some fantastic images (again) this week – that truly suit the square inspiration 🙂 Week 8 |View full post »

I Love Mondays | Week 9

Something bright always makes a day seem, well, brighter….so that’s this weeksView full post »

Week 7 | Featured Photos

Love it when a theme makes us all feel normal! By sharing that we’re not alone with ourView full post »

I Love Mondays | Week 8

This week you can photograph anything you want. Yep….anything. Oh….but there’s aView full post »

A Wedding | The Irish Way

We had the wonderful privilege of being invited to my cousin’s wedding. In Ireland. Well weView full post »

Week 6 | Featured Images

Well I noticed there were a few less submissions for this week….so hope to have a few more ofView full post »

I Love Mondays | Week 7

Unless you are an absolute clean freak you are going to have NO problems with this week’sView full post »

Zane & Heidi | Film

I am super excited to share these images! I really do adore these two people – so when theyView full post »

Week 5 | Featured Images

Another fabulous week.  Where the challenge was set and you all rose to it 🙂 I am thrilled (yetView full post »

I Love Mondays | Week 6

Sometimes we see interesting shadows. Sometimes our inner child breaks out and we make/create/formView full post »

I Love Mondays | Week 8

So a few weeks ago we looked at a view that we normally don’t see. This week I want you toView full post »

Let’s Try Anything | Engagement

This adventurous pair are scary. Really scary! Because they are BOTH photographers. The pressureView full post »

Sweet Little Leo…

Before this gorgeous little man arrived I photographed him in his mum’s tummy – and asView full post »

A Delightful Afternoon | Maternity

I will share with you my last maternity shoot (I will no longer be photographing pregnancies!). AndView full post »

Week 4 | Featured Images

Another fantastic week of photos for the week’s theme! Totally love all the differentView full post »

I Love Mondays | Week 5

Old! That is this weeks inspiration. When you think of what you are going to photograph for this, IView full post »