12 Portraits | August

This month’s inspiration is movement/motion.  With good intentions of getting photos of theView full post »

12 Portraits | July

This month’s inspiration is Atmospheric Integration (wind, snow, rain, water). Living acrossView full post »

A bit of Gold Lace

A little while back we added to our chicken brood with this beautiful Gold LacedView full post »

12 Portraits | June

This month’s theme was white.  And one of my lovely neighbours has this glorious white bushView full post »

12 Portraits | May

I’m am so thrilled to be joining in this talented blog circle!  A little late to theView full post »

What Dreams Are Made Of

Her whole, entire life (yes, all 6 years of it!) she’s wanted to ride a horse. Finally herView full post »

Week 30 | Featured Photos

Finally…a glimpse at the amazing photographers behind the camera every week from I LoveView full post »

Week 29 | Featured Photos

I loved this theme.  Emotive.  Where the viewer is drawn into an image.  And feels a connection.View full post »

I Love Mondays | Week 30

This is it.  Final inspiration for this little project 🙂 As a collaboration it was suggested toView full post »

Week 28 | Featured Photos

There’s something quirky about looking at something from above.  A bird’s eye view isView full post »

I Love Mondays | Week 29

These last two themes I really wanted to choose inspirations that everyone can participateView full post »

Week 27 | Featured Photos

Colour photographs can be described as ‘distracting’ – drawing your attentionView full post »

I Love Mondays | Week 28

There is something fun about looking at things from different perspectives 🙂 I can hardly believeView full post »

Week 26 | Featured Photos

WOW…there are some really incredible images for the night theme 🙂   Week 26 | FeaturedView full post »

I Love Mondays | Week 27

Black and white photos aren’t necessarily as simple as just changing a colour image.View full post »

Week 25 | Featured Photos

Well this theme saw quite a few less entries to other weeks….but there are still some greatView full post »

I Love Mondays | Week 26

There can be something intriguingly mysterious about photos that are taken at night.  It creates aView full post »

Week 24 | Featured Photos

All around us there are things that we don’t consider beautiful.  But looked at with freshView full post »

I Love Mondays | Week 25

I love music.  I love when someone plays music.  I have fond memories of dad playing his viola, ofView full post »

Week 23 | Featured Photos

Love how people found shapes in all sorts of random things/places! And surprise, surprise…IView full post »

I Love Mondays | Week 24

This week I want you to find the beauty in something that our first instinct isn’t to thinkView full post »

Week 22 | Featured Photos

I truly love how pretty some of these images are.  And I equally love how creative others got. AView full post »

I Love Mondays | Week 23

All things come in all shapes and sizes…last week we did the size (small) this weekView full post »

Week 21 | Featured Photos

A neat selection of creative glass photos 🙂 Week 21 | Featured Photos | Glass Haley Lee AnneView full post »

I Love Mondays | Week 22

Sometimes good things come in small packages 🙂   There are a lot of small, unnoticed things in theView full post »

Week 20 | Featured Photos

Well I think there were a record number of submissions for this theme….and I definitely haveView full post »

I Love Mondays | Week 21

This week I’m going to keep it simple 🙂 Week 21 | Glass Feel free to interpret this howeverView full post »

Week 19 | Featured Photos

An incredible selection of takes on this weeks inspiration – love them all 🙂 If you missed myView full post »

I Love Mondays | Week 20

I am SUPER excited for this weeks theme. And that’s because it is something I simply loveView full post »

Week 18 | Featured Photos

Well this week seemed to cause a few to be unsure of where to start due to the broadness of theView full post »

I Love Mondays | Week 19

While on the surface this may appear like an easy inspiration,  I want you to really think aboutView full post »

Week 17 | Featured Photos

Well this week proved quite interesting.  And a bit repellant to some it seems!  I wasn’tView full post »

I Love Mondays | Week 18

Something a little more generic this week – with a broad range of interpretation 🙂 Week 18 |View full post »

Week 16 | Featured Photos

I do love to have a colour theme occasionally – it really does have a flow.  A sense ofView full post »

I Love Mondays | Week 17

Let’s do something a little quirky!  A little untraditional 🙂 Week 17 | Bare Feet I realiseView full post »

Week 15 | Featured Photos

With a week that I personally struggled with I am super impressed with all of the images submittedView full post »