My cousin’s cute little family!

It’s a new year and time to get back to blogging (pretty sure I say I’ll do this most years and it peters out after not too long…oops – but perhaps this year will be different.  Or should I say…this year WILL be different?!!!).

Over 18 months ago my beautiful cousin asked if I’d take family photos of them….it took well over a year for us to all get ourselves organised and take these at the end of last year.  But it was totally worth the effort!  I loved resurrecting my tulle skirts (I mean, how gorgeous do the girls look in them?!).  With all the style from the girls and the swagger from the boys (+ all the funny faces!)…it was bound to be all kinds of cute!  Throw in some balloons and awesome sunlight….and we had a winning combination 🙂

Oh…and I think my cousin’s hair should get a special mention – how incredible is it?!




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