River’s Birth…

When Belinda contacted me wondering if I would be willing to photograph her birth…I was thrilled!  We clicked instantly and I do adore photographing births – unfortunately I haven’t been able to photograph as many as I like having my own family and busy life!  So with the understanding that if, for whatever reason, it didn’t work out to be there to photograph it, we agreed to go ahead if possible.

And River played the game.  Although a late start on a Friday night….in the early hours of the morning this gorgeous little man made his appearance.  From the minute I arrived it sent me straight back to my own births…to a place of empathy and understanding and knowing the absolute joy that is ahead (and the pain in the meantime)..  I LOVE all of these feelings…and they came in droves.  And I love witnessing the immeasurable wonder and awe of women and the birthing process.

Thank you Andy & Belinda for allowing me to be a part of such a beautiful, life changing stage in your lives.  And thank you River for making these sweet couple a family <3






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