Que Sera Sera (whatever will be, will be)

When Claire rang and asked if I would photograph her and Peter for their upcoming 60th wedding anniversary, I was delighted.  Theirs is a story of a deep love and resilience and tenderness for each other.  Peter has a photographic memory…so listening to the intricate details of how they met was incredibly special.

When Peter was 21 and Claire was 19 they were travelling respectively with certain members of their family.  They went on to meet over 3 years in 3 continents…meeting in 1954 and marrying in 1957.

Both families were holidaying in Venice and happened to be in the same shop at the same time in St Marco Square.  He said she made a great impression on him right there and then!  They next caught up in Switzerland for an evening – learning that their itineraries were quite similar.  Following that Peter offered to be Claire (and her families) guide in London for 3 days.  Prior to Claire’s family leaving England, they suggested that Peter should visit the United States (Claire is from Western California) on his way home to Australia.

Once married they had many adventures together – Peter was a private pilot and owned a private plane.  So they able to explore Australia from a very different perspective!

When I arrived at their home I learned that Peter had completely lost his sight 11 years ago, and it just seemed so very fitting that their session was on the anniversary of my dad’s death….who only had 20% eyesight in one eye (and none in the other).  Whilst it may have altered Peter’s (and Claire’s) path significantly, with the aide of Claire and technology, he continues to live life to his fullest capabilities.  Claire is incredibly humble and her nurturing soul is clearly evident and appreciated deeply by Peter.

This is a snippet of an inspiring love story…


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