Prettiest sweet girl…

When my cousin had his first little baby I was thrilled to photograph her last week at two weeks old.  Seriously…she is a doll.  With the blackest of black hair I have ever seen.  She was an amazing little trooper…putting up with being poked and posed and prodded on and off all day!

An added bonus was I got to see my uncle and auntie visiting their first granddaughter from New Zealand (so I had to get some photos of them too!).


Very hungry caterpillar…knitted for her baby shower 🙂2016-06-21_00102016-06-21_00112016-06-21_00122016-06-21_00132016-06-21_00142016-06-21_00152016-06-21_00162016-06-21_00172016-06-21_00182016-06-21_00192016-06-21_00202016-06-21_00212016-06-21_00222016-06-21_0023

Her mum’s cutest vintage Vespa 🙂

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