The delightful Jean

I’m going to be honest…when I first rang Jean and I heard her dog ‘howling’ in the background I was so excited!  As most of you know I LOVE animals, so be able to photograph someone elderly with their animal companion was joyful 🙂  Jemma is Jean’s little offsider…knowing when to give her space and knowing when it’s time for cuddles.

fb Jean Jemma-1

Jean herself is incredible…at 83 she’s been living in the same home for 57 years.  Although life is much lonelier for her since her beloved husband, Stan, passed away 10 years ago, she still is bright and willing to help out anyone she can (however she can).  She is innately a carer and encourages a beautiful neighbourhood community.

fb Jean-46

And you know, she thought I was in my twenties…so, we’re like besties now (given I’m getting rather close to 40!) 😉

fb Jean-2

If you would like some photos of a special elderly person/couple in your lives…I have an awesome deal on at the moment – you’ll find it here!

Be sure to watch the slideshow of the lovely Jean below (looks better if you watch it in HD directly through Vimeo!).

Jean from Bellakee J Photography on Vimeo.

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