A little girl had a little lamb….

Would you believe I have sons?  Several of them in fact!  However it seems that when and where possible they will avoid my camera.  Like a plague!

Miss 7 on the other hand…well, she’s normally more than happy to oblige.  Plus she’s normally the one around if there are animals too!!


Thanks to Stevens Estate Garden for allowing cuddles with their little lambs (very tempting to pop one in our suitcase and bring home!!).2015-03-16_00022015-03-16_0001

Camera Settings:  Canon 5D mkiii | 24-70mm lens | ISO 250 | f24 | 1/500

Not everyone is a fan of sun flare…but I simply ADORE it!  I never use a lens hood (in fact I have no idea where they even are!)….and it’s  achieved by just shooting in to the sun but still exposing for your subject!


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