How I Learnt Photography….

Often I get asked how I learnt photography!  There are many many ways to learn…photography schools, university, workshops, google/youtube – even trial and error.  There is no right or wrong way…just the way that suits your situation.

Me…well I learnt (and continue to learn) through workshops (both in person and online) and by googling and you tubing….A LOT!

Starting out I overcame my biggest hurdles with a beginners and photoshop week long course at the Brisbane College of Photography.  I followed this up with the best hands on workshops with Creative Photo Workshops – I did several of their workshops (and even repeated a couple) over a few years.  What I learnt from them has been truly invaluable.


I then became a bit of a workshop junkie…going to so many of them that I really became workshopped out!  For me though, living in far north Queensland meant I was isolated from completing a degree/course at a photography school or the likes.  So it was the easiest way in my situation (with young children too!).

What I recommend….find photographers whose work you admire and see if they run workshops.  So many do!  You will come away inspired, motivated and with a few new skills up your sleeve!

There are also many many online workshops you can take part in…it’s this way I’ve ‘met’ such a diverse lot of photographers from around the world!

Creative Live is another wonderful online resource worth checking out!

Personal projects are possibly now one of the best ways I continue to push myself to try new things.  Google personal photography projects, or photo a day projects and find something that resonates with you 🙂


Just remember though….everyone is still learning new things every day with photography.  Even the most renowned photographers will admit they are continuously learning!

The best advice I can give though…is keep on shooting.


Camera Settings:  Canon 5D mkiii | 24-70mm lens | ISO 320 | f3.5 | 1/750

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