A bit of Gold Lace

A little while back we added to our chicken brood with this beautiful Gold Laced Wyandotte!



Heading to the river…chicken under one arm, camera slung on the other.  And lots of handing her back and forth with my little girl!


Very originally named by the children ‘Goldy’!2014-07-28_00032014-07-28_0005

Down by the river we were…2014-07-28_00062014-07-28_0007

She loves animals and they love her right back 🙂 2014-07-28_00082014-07-28_0009

The water was rather chilly…but Miss 6 is willing to give anything a go!2014-07-28_00102014-07-28_00112014-07-28_0012

Giggling because Goldy starting eating the leaves!2014-07-28_00132014-07-28_0014

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