My favourites of YOUR favourites :-)

I am completely thrilled and overwhelmed with the responses I had asking for YOUR favourite images that you have taken yourself.  I received over 100 beautiful, touching photos – and as much as I’d love to feature them all I did have to choose.
Though it was hard!
Very hard!

I do hope you enjoy the beautiful photography I’ve shared here.  They are in no particular order.  And I love them for lots of reasons.
They move me.
Draw me in.
They are sweet.
And some are perfect in their imperfections.

I love them all 🙂

These are my Grandparents  They have woken up next to each other every day for over 60yrs and still smile.
Sarah Secker
This is our daughter Rilee, aged 2
She had been dancing around the room wearing only fairy wings and skirt and I was taking pics, she just stopped suddenly and started at me, and this was the result.
I have loved this image ever since, it’s not the best quality but it always tugs on my heart when I see it or think about it
Lachlan Burrell
Megan Port
Jocelyn Pope
My eldest two boys running on the beach at sunset – I just love this photo and the feeling of freedom it gives…
I love the light in this, but most of all, I love his expression. It perfectly sums him up – if you knew him you’d know just how this catches him. It is raw too – imperfectly perfect.
Jacqui Shepperd
I just love this photo, something about where they are, just the two of them.

This is my son Axl.  He usually is moving too fast or puts on a silly ‘cheese’ smile. This here is his TRUE smile. Which of course, is my FAV sight in the world. He just looks so happy and grown up. 🙂

Christian Legan

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