A Wedding | The Irish Way

We had the wonderful privilege of being invited to my cousin’s wedding.
In Ireland.

Well we didn’t have to go, but it seemed like such a great opportunity.
To experience a different country.
To catch up with family.
To have a holiday with just the two of us.
And to see the gorgeous couple get married.
In Ireland 😛

These are personal photos taken as a guest 🙂
Did I mention it was in Ireland???

According to the locals it was a ‘grande’ day.  But, by Aussie weather standards it was sunny, yes, but also bitterly cold.
The ladies seemed unaffected – with beautiful short sleeve dresses!  I did glimpse a few goose bumps though!!
I do believe the sun shining made it grande.
Because the next day we witnessed sleet, hail, rain & sunshine!

Held in the quaint, hometown of the bride, Enniskillen in Northern Island… it truly was a beautiful day to witness.  With the ceremony at Castle Coole it really felt like we were at a royal wedding….the bride was so elegant.  There were fascinators atop nearly every female’s head (maybe to keep them warm?!!!), and wonderful company.
We were even lucky enough to get a tour of the castle whilst the formal photos were being taken (no photos allowed inside the castle though!).

So here are some of the wedding day photos….
‘One day’ (you know….that elusive day) I will blog the rest of the photos from our trip.
After I get around to sorting our Canada holiday!!


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