I CAN do it :-)

I’m going to put it in writing.  On the internet blogosphere.  Perhaps then I will be more accountable (you have permission to remind me.  prompt me.  encourage me).

These are not New Year resolutions – this is my ‘list’ of some of the things I want to change in my life.  For better.
I want life to be simpler.  Less chaotic.  More enjoyable.

It all started with a book.  An awesome book I was given for a gift.
I honestly cannot recommend it enough.
‘A Pressure Cooker Saved My Life’
It is a fun, interesting, easy-to-read book (that also looks pretty!).  Full of great tips, recipes and served up with a whole bunch of honesty.
We are too busy.  Trying to juggle so much.  Squeezing everything in.  Keeping up appearances.  Trying to have it all.  And do it all.

So this is my list for 2013…in no particular order:

I want to teach myself to jog.
Whenever I see someone jogging, I get running envy.  I want to be able to run.  I want to be able to want to run.  I want to be able to enjoy running.
My last attempt ended in shin splints.
Other mental attempts have been hampered by the weather, my lack of energy or that I’m simply too busy.
Aren’t we all too busy?!

I want to start doing yoga or pilates.
Many years ago I went to a yoga class.  I spent the whole time laughing (mostly inwardly…except when the odd snort slipped out!).  First, I had to get IN that position.  And then they want me to hold it.  Snort!
I have attempted a few more pilates classes.  But I tend to find I get bored.  Or fall asleep.
BUT….I really want to do this – not just for the exercise benefits, but for the therapeutical benefits.  The calm.  The sense of peace.

I want to eat healthier.
I told our children this morning that this is the direction I want to head.  They were horrified.  ‘What, no more biscuits’.  I need to show them that healthy doesn’t mean bland and boring.  That its for our health – not for weight loss (though after too many hot chocolates from our holiday, not to mention the winter clothes hiding everything, a few kilos less won’t hurt!).
I also need to do this for me.  I have Chronic Fatigue and it is debilitating.  Not outwardly to others.  But being in a permanent state of feeling tired is not fun.  Really.  I have to manage myself so that I have days to rest and recover for what busyness lies ahead.
I’m tired of waking up tired…no matter how much sleep or how restful it’s been.
I’m tired of being tired.

In line with the previous point:  I want to cook and bake more.
I like nice food.
I can cook.
But I don’t particularly enjoy it.  I can’t just find 3 things in the cupboard and whip up a delicious 10 course meal.  I don’t have the natural ability to just throw things together to create a masterpiece.  You might be shocked to hear…but I’m no masterchef 😉
When you have  6 other mouths to feed and you’re trying to please them all – cooking becomes repetitive.  Well, for me at least.  A bit like the clothes washing process (pick up, sort, wash, dry, fold, put away)!
The effort involved in cooking only to be met with whining like: ‘I don’t liiiiiiikkke this’, or the food is gone in 5 minutes flat – really takes the enjoyment out for me.  True story!
So I ‘hope’ to change this!

And just quickly…a couple of  other things I would like to achieve this year:
Spend more quality time with the kids.
Personal photography projects (you can follow them here:  Peacock Feathers & Beyond).  
Less time wasted online.
De-cluttering – getting rid of things that really are unnecessary.
Create more organised spaces (it’s the virgo in me!)

There really are plenty more I haven’t listed!  But this is a good (albeit, slightly overwhelming) start 🙂

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