Welcome baby girl…

I feel incredibly privileged to be invited to photograph another fellow photographers third birth.  With a planned caesarean there were no surprises on the day in which Stella would join this lovely family.  But I will admit that I WAS surprised with how early the c-section was booked in!  I was expecting a leisurely sleep in (for the new mum-to-be of course!).

Well, despite having 5 children of my own, a caesarean is a whole.new.world to me!  I had no idea what to expect!!

Arriving 15 minutes before Liz was to be taken to the anaesthetist, I found I was only minutes late in seeing her, as she was whisked away early!  So I then had the pleasure of chatting to Michael for about an hour…as he waited to join Liz in theatre for the delivery.

It then wasn’t long until I was able meet their gorgeous little girl and witness the moments she shared with her Dad whilst waiting for mum to come out of recovery.  It is incredible to see how perfect c-section newborns are – no bruising or misshapen head!!  And little Stella was simply adorable.

Being able to share in the joy as Liz met her little girl for the first time was very special…as was the excitement of Stella’s 2 big brothers as they examined her and gave her the gifts they had bought 🙂

Thank you Michael and Liz for allowing me to be part of such a special time for you and your boys. xo

Stella’s Birth from Bellakee J Photography on Vimeo.

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