The Kids & I…

Inspired by a fabulous photographer to document an outing with the kids – I had my camera on hand as 4 of the children & I headed into town 🙂

First stop (by demand of Master 6) was brunch with dad at the Coffee Club!

Next – toy shop…of course!
One boy had a birthday gift voucher to spend.
One boy had birthday money to spend.  Oh the joys of teaching a 6 year old the value of money.  NO, you cannot buy that $80 or $140 lego with your $20!!!
And one boy was 2 ticks away from earning his reward!
Oh…and one little girl who had just been to the toy shop the week before…so she was ‘just looking’!

A quick duck into the pet shop to buy a new bowl for the cats…and of course we have to look at the puppies!

Then it’s off to the next toy shop – when first toy shop doesn’t have the right scooter accessories!!!

Final stop – fun in the park!

Then home again to put the new bars on the scooter, build new lego and get that helicopter flying 🙂


  • June 30, 2012 - 8:26 am

    steve - nice work, how come u can make any photo look good.ReplyCancel

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