Beautiful life within…

When Tearah first asked me if I’d be interested in photographing her birth…I was excited.
WAY excited!

When we met up a few weeks prior to her birth, Tearah, a fellow photographer, was planning on doing some self pregnancy shots, but then asked if I’d mind.
Did I mind?
Ummmm, yes!
I really have only done a couple of maternity shoots, and in no way consider myself a pregnancy photographer.
I’d actually say I’m scared of doing belly shots.
Weird when you consider I’ve been pregnant five times 😉

But what I can say (plenty I’m sure!) – I think the photos speak for themselves really!
We had a great day bouncing ideas of each other.
Laughing lots.
Trying different things.
Some worked.
Lots didn’t!

And wow – was she up for anything…even suggesting hopping in the pool, despite it not being the warmest of days!  And her sweet third child joined in for some of the photos too 🙂

The fact that Tearah is one of the most beautiful pregnant (and even not pregnant) women I have had the pleasure of photographing certainly makes for some gorgeous images.
I’d be happy to look this good even when I’m NOT pregnant 🙂

As for the birth…well I was blessed enough to witness and photograph that last week!  Stay tuned for that blog post!!

  • May 25, 2012 - 7:25 am

    Anonymous - Amanda,

    These are absolutely amazing! They are gorgeous to say the least!

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