Beautiful little Karlia

I feel very blessed to have met this beautiful, inspiring family.  Karlia’s mum has her hands full, but the love she has for her children proves that that despite the difficulty they have every day, she knows it’s worth it.  Karlia (and Rachael) clearly know just how special their mum is.

One of my spirit of giving winners said she wished she’d know about my giveaway, as she would have nominated Coraley, Karlia’s mum.  Her story caused me to create a 3rd recipient for a photo shoot as it means so much to me to provide memories for those who appreciate it the most.

Karlia was given a very dim outlook right from birth.  But with the love and care of her beautiful mum, she continues to defy the doctors with her own will to live.  With at least 5 conditions, the main one being congenital myopathy, Karlia and her family receive little to no medical support as she does not fit a ‘standard’ illness category.  You can support and see more of Karlia here.

I’m certainly no expert, nor can I recall all the details – but I could clearly see a determined, bright 3 year old girl, her loving big sister and a mother whose love for her child knows no bounds.

I feel moved and inspired by their strength and love for each other.
And honoured to be invited into their home to take these photos.

  • February 9, 2012 - 8:48 am

    Anonymous - What stunning eyes of all the family. Their eyes tell a story all on their own.


  • May 11, 2013 - 10:59 pm

    Sarah Robin - You seem to innately capture the inner and outer beauty of those you shoot Amanda. The spirit of the people in your photos resonates clearly. These photos are very moving.ReplyCancel

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