Photographing your Children Inspiration [Day 12]

I was really, really looking forward to taking today’s photo.  It was one I didn’t have to think (or overthink) about…and I was excited to see where they would be and what they would be doing at the specific time.  BUT…nothing ever goes quite to plan, does it?!  We spent most of the night up with Master 8 & Master 5 being sick.  Not fun for the poor little things.  And to add to it I was feeling really blocked up (after a trip to the doctor’s this morning, it is because I have upper respiratory tract and middle ear infections…fun!).  So after 2 hours sleep the whole day’s plans changed.

I am so grateful to have mum nearby who came straight over to help and to have the children while I went to the doctor.  By the time I came home it was…11:45.

I HAD to take a photo.

But mum was trying to tell me I wasn’t well enough to be even doing that.  Spoil sport!!!

After rolling my eyes, unfortunately in my teenager’s line of vision, he said to me, ‘If I did that I’d be sent straight to my bed’.
I asked if I could!!!!
Ahhh the difference 20 odd years makes 🙂

So my sweet little 5 year old is sitting on the mattress we’d dragged out to the lounge room, sucking on a hydralyte ice block and watching the iPod.  Before lying down and falling asleep.  I’m going to be honest here – I actually sort of like it when they are sick.  I do feel terribly sorry for them…but they are so quiet, and sweet and wanting mum’s cuddles and love.

Miss 4 (who, fingers crossed, is not sick), was happily making herself lunch while everyone else was distracted.  And what a lunch it was!  Corn thins with nutella and topped with luncheon.  Ughhh!

So I’m now sitting here on the couch beside my sick little man catching up on blog posts.  Shhh, don’t tell mum 🙂

Day 12:  Capture a photo of whatever it is your child is doing at exactly 11:45 am – today!  Just being!

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